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If you've been charged with Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) or another alcohol related offense reach out today! If we aren't in trial or in court, we will make the time to meet with you ASAP. 


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First Meeting

Developing a plan for handling your DWI case starts with the first meeting. A first meeting is not our chance to tell you "everything will work out" because no attorney can honestly tell you the result on day one and if they do, they're committing malpractice. A first meeting is a chance for us to work with you to help you understand what your options are moving forward and brainstorm about how we can achieve the best result possible. 

Driving Implications

If you were arrested for DWI the police officer probably obtained a breath sample, blood sample, or both. Regardless of whether you refused the sample or gave the sample willingly, your driver's license is now in grave danger of being suspended. Texas law dictates that you have only 15 days from the day of arrest (usually) to request a hearing to avoid an automatic suspension of your license. It's difficult to fight a license suspension, it's impossible if you miss the deadline.

Fighting Back

There are a number of different methods for fighting a DWI. Once we have the Offense Report, usually after the first court date, we can sit down and discuss what is working for and against you based on what is in the report, who the arresting officer works for, what field sobriety tests you were asked to perform, and more. Information is power and as we gather information about your case we will constantly evaluate how that information impacts you and the likelihood you can avoid a DWI conviction. 


In today's fight against a DWI conviction, video plays an all important role. To put it simply, if the video evidence is stacked against you, the fight to convince a jury of your innocence is that much harder. Once you sign your contract we will request a copy of the arrest video and any station house videos. The sooner we know what the police and prosecution know the better our evaluation of your case becomes.

Breath/Blood Test Scores

When everything is stacked against you we feel it's important to let you know. If you had a breath test or blood test showing you were well over the legal limit we want you aware of how that affects your defense. You don't have an obligation to accept a plea deal or pass on your right to a jury trial but, if your chance of success is very low, we want you to know early so you can make the right decision for you.

Trial Preparation

Every DWI case has the potential to go to trial. From the beginning, we will treat your case as a case we might defend in front of a jury. What that means in terms of our representation is that every meeting, every hearing, and every piece of evidence will be analyzed for how it might influence a jury. If an attorney works a DWI case intending to avoid trial, the day trial comes is a day she or he is likely unprepared to handle. 

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